Great Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning


It is easy to overlook the great value of having your home carpets professionally cleaned. Many homeowners are contented having their home carpets regularly vacuumed and scrubbed from stains and spills. Carpets harbor a lot of unforeseen dirt, dust, dust mites, bacteria, hair and other contaminants, wherein a majority of them are not reached or untouched even with the use of a high suction vacuum. Professional carpet cleaning services provide a more comprehensive cleaning that regular vacuuming cannot provide, to make your home carpet stain free and sanitized.

Professional carpet cleaning from Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry gives you the benefits of excellent service when it comes to making your carpet clean and refreshed using pre-vacuuming, pre-treatment, dirt extraction, deodorization, neutralizer, grooming and post-spot treatment. Pre-vacuuming and pre-treatment are done for priming the carpet for deep cleaning using commercial vacuum for dust and hair removal before the process of complete extraction. After which, a high concentration and powerful cleaner are then applied for breaking down dirt embedded on traffic areas and most especially those noticeable spots. Powerful stain removers are used to take care of stubborn stains that ordinary regular carpet cleaning supplies cannot handle.

In order to remove all the embedded dirt on carpets, a powerful extraction carpet cleaning system is used, cleaning the base of carpet fibers using highly effective cleaning methods. A quick drying process is utilized once this is completed for removal of excess water from the carpet areas. Deodorizers are also used to make carpets smelling good as they look. Hiring the services of a professional carpet cleaning company can help you save time, money and effort by treating and cleaning your carpet by yourself, and ensuring that your carpet is totally free from embedded dirt, debris, and harmful contaminants. Read to understand more about carpet cleaning.

In order to resist the accumulation of dirt, for a softer feel and for your carpet to remain clean, lasting longer, the neutralizing process is used. On the final stage, there will be a final inspection for any remaining spots or stains and a spotting solution is applied for stubborn spots removal. You can also avail of carpet cleaning protectors for your carpets to extend their lifespan and to better eliminate stains. Footprints and wand marks are removed in the final step of post clean carpet grooming. For faster drying, the carpet fibers are raised and separated. For more information about professional carpet cleaning at , feel free to view our website or contact us directly.